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James Marsters! Eeeeeee!!!

Just got back from the Buffyverse Q&A... It was an odd mix of actors, but still a lot of fun: James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Elizabeth Rohm and the guy who played the Chaos Demon (I never did catch his name). Most of the questions were aimed at JM, though people did seem to make an effort to include everyone. I'm wishing I'd taken notes, because I really suck at remember specifics... As usual, though, JM and JL were a delight to watch... and ER was really fun, too, after she started feeling a little more at ease with the setup.

Right off the bat, lots of questions about Torchwood, which JM did his best to not really answer -- makes sense, though, since he has no idea what info has been released about his appearance on the show. A few sly comments, lost of hand gestures... pretty much what you'd expect. Did I mention he's a delight to watch? He always looks like he's having the time of his life.

Oh, and apparently he wrecked up his knee while filming TW (I think I even remember reading about that) and is supposed to be using a cane, but left it off-stage. This came up when someone asked if JM and JL would mind doing some dance steps (because they both have a background in dance).

JM did let slip that he might be appearing on Smallville again, during the question about what projects they were all working on currently. And he and ER discussed how different it was going from a show like AtS to a procedural drama. Not nearly as fun, apparently!

There was the story about JM's first day filming BtVS, when Joss came up to him and started in with "You actors, with your pretty faces and your pretty hair and your pretty clothes... you just get all the girls " (or something along those lines), with JM saying "You dyed my hair and gave me my clothes" and Joss replying "Yeah, but you have those cheekbones. You're always going to get laid." JM said he had no idea what that was all about... I thought it was kind of interesting, though.

Oh! And he did the southern accent he used as the alternate Spike accent... I can see why they didn't go with it, but it was really quite good (nmissi has asked him about it in an autograph line years ago and said that it was fantastic, and now I can see why! Totally wouldn't have worked for Spike, though. Especially not with Dru).

Let's see, the only other tidbit I remember right off-hand is that JM and ER apparently met when they auditioned together for roles in a show... she got the part and he didn't. Another interesting thing that I hadn't known before was that DB was cast in Bones before Emily Deschanel, because he tried to get Elizabeth Rohm into the role (she was discussing it in terms of her one of her worst acting moments, ever... she apparently sucked at the audition and DB helped her get a crew together and they did a separate audition tape for her).

Gah! I have a brain like a sieve. Because I've already forgotten so many specifics. Hopefully other people will be better at this than I am... I know a number of LJ folks were going to be there, and I sort of kept an eye out for them, but really... how do you find people you have never seen before and have no clue what they look like in a packed room in dim light? I tried glancing at a few badges, but finally just gave up.

And, alas, no photos... I had a pretty decent seat, but the room was fairly dark and my camera is not nearly good enough to pull good pictures out of that sort of situation. But there were lots of cameras flashing all over the place, so I'm sure some will end up online eventually!
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